AdGuard Review: A Universal Way to Block Ads

Do you ever get tired of seeing websites that have more advertisements than actual content? What about having to sit through an ad before you watch every single video that you want to see, or those pop-ups that just seem to keep appearing?

The fact of the matter is that ads are practically everywhere and more often than not you’ll find yourself wasting tons of time either watching them or trying to close them. That is why AdGuard’s promise of never having to see a single ad anywhere and on any device may sound so appealing.

“What is AdGuard?”

To put it simply AdGuard is an ad blocker – but it is quite unlike any ad blockers you may have encountered in the past. Most free ad blockers that people use are really just browser extensions that will block some ads on websites, but have quite a number of limitations.

ad guard

Unlike such ad blockers, AdGuard is a standalone app that has Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android versions. While each version is slightly unique, the one thing they share in common is the fact that they are designed to completely prevent ads from being shown throughout the system they’re installed on.

In order to pull that off, AdGuard uses filters that actively prevent ads from being processed and displayed. That is why it is so powerful, and from the minute you install it you can say goodbye to all ads on your system.

Key Features

The features in AdGuard are robust and cover a number of different areas. As mentioned each version is slightly different, but they share key features in common:

  • Block any and all ads including pop-ups, banners, video ads, text ads, and everything else and you can view this on the official AdGuard site.
  • Prevent ads from showing up everywhere including your browser as well as any other apps.
  • Safeguard your privacy and ensure you aren’t being tracked by cookies, analytic systems, or any other trackers.
  • Protect against phishing attempts and malicious websites by filtering out unsafe websites with AdGuard’s own database.
  • Fully customize every aspect of AdGuard including the ads that you want blocked or whitelisted, apps that can access the internet, or even modify filters directly or write your own.

In short AdGuard will fit the role of not only an ad blocker, but also a firewall, parental control system, and shield against malicious threats. That versatility is far beyond any normal ad blocker, and is the reason why it stands out.


At the end of the day it is up to you how you want to use AdGuard. It is so automated that if you want to you could install and forget about it, and it will chug away in the background and ensure that you are able to enjoy an ads-free experience. Or you could customize it from top to bottom based on your requirements.

The one thing that is certain is that once you try it out you’ll never want to look back at an ad-filled screen ever again.

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