Advantages of Connecting Your Core Body Sensor and Data Field Garmin Device

Data is everything and everywhere. In sports, it is becoming particularly mission critical with coaches of every sport crunching numbers and analyzing the performance of their athletes. Data is increasingly used to improve an athlete’s performance with training plans formulated on what the numbers say after they are crunched.

For years Garmin with its capability of tracking athletic performance in at least certain parts of it has been invaluable to those who perform and to those who coach them to achieve. Despite the good quality of data, your Garmin gives you, one piece of the athletic performance puzzle remained elusive. And that is your body temperature. Until now.

Thanks to developments in technology, it is now possible to use a core temp sensor to measure body temperature accurately. The devices are no bigger than a heart rate monitor, aren’t in any way shape, or form invasive, and can be connected with Garmin watches.

Increasingly, pro teams and athletes are using body sensors and Garmin devices to record important data. So let’s take a deep dive into the advantages of using the body temperature sensor and a Garmin device together.

Advantages of Connecting Your Core Body Temp Sensor and Garmin Device

So there are several advantages to connecting the two devices. Consider:

  • Temperature Relevant Performance Data– Research has found that athlete performance drops between 40°C and 41°C, and different athletes reach their ceiling differently. As such, by monitoring the numbers such as watts and heart rate at different temperatures, coaches and athletes can ascertain better and more accurate performance data.
  • Body Temperature Training– Although complicated, once coaches and athletes know how they perform at different temperatures, they can put in plans to cool the athlete down. This includes formulating tactics depending on the weather on the day of the event.
  • Marginal Gains – Being able to control or at least be aware of an athlete’s body temperature provides another marginal gain. That is to say, they have an edge over teams that don’t have access to this information.
  • Life-Saving – There is a temperature at which an athlete will pass out. Having a temperature sensor allows for life-saving decisions to be made on the day.
  • Lightweight– Your average Garmin device and body temperature sensor are lightweight and are not invasive. As such performance is not impaired but enhanced.

Taking Core Body Temperature Data Seriously

Pro sports team coaches have struggled to convey the importance of core body temperature and athletes. Although the concepts of heart rate, watts, distances, and identifying where athletes excel and where they need work are easy to grasp, the concept of body temperature and the impact of performance is harder to grasp. Once the data is acquired, however, pro sports teams can show where an athlete performs best from a temperature perspective, and at what temperature an athlete’s performance begins to drop off. Therefore, Core body temp opinions mention that temperature element makes training for big events more efficient and effective.

Regardless of your level, using your Garmin with the Core body temp sensor is a good way to improve results in competitions. You’ll be surprised at the numbers you’ll get.