Aerocool PGS Qx-2000 Cube Case Review

Final Thoughts
When I first saw this case I was really excited about it, but after installing a system in it I am pretty disappointed. Before we get into what I didn’t like about the case let’s talk about some of the good points. The thing that really impressed me about this case was the way they designed it to open up so you could install the motherboard. This is the first time I’ve seen something like that and it was not only cool, but very functional. Also for a cube case having 2 optical drives is a treat, and they have tool-less installation which is another plus. The fan controller is another thing you don’t normally see on cube cases, so it was a nice addition.

The biggest problem I had with this case was the power supply installation. Every power supply we had here at the office did not fit expect one. If you have a modular power supply it is not going to fit in the case plain and simple. This is an issue for a lot of people because modular power supplies are very popular especially since you can eliminate cables you don’t need, improving airflow in your case. And who wants a ton of cables lying around inside a case that is already cramped. We were able to fit the Tagan BZ-Series 900W modular power supply into the NZXT Rogue and the Bgears b-Envi, both of which are cube cases. I think that Aerocool could have either moved the power supply so the back of it would fit out the side of the case, or make a bracket that would extend it further out the back of the case. This would not only allow larger power supplies, but make installation easier because things would be less cramped.

I really hate when cube cases use the single top panel design. It just does not work well and is a pain to take off and put back on. Also it tends to get bent really easily.

The cooling system for this case was not that impressive at all either. A single 120mm intake fan, I would have rather seen a single exhaust fan than an intake at least then we would know something would be pushing the hot air out of the case. Also the red LED’s on the fan did not work at all, which is unacceptable for a brand new case.

The installation directions for this case were just horrible. First they were on a single sheet of paper and there were no instructions at all for installing the power supply or motherboard. If you go to Aerocool’s website and click for the “User Manual Download” link it does nothing.

I think Aerocool had the right idea with this case, but did not execute it that well. If they changed a few things this would be one really cool case. The Qx-2000 sells for about $90 online, which is about $20-30 cheaper than other cube cases, but that extra $30 sure buys a lot it seems. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Aerocool PGS Qx-2000 Cube Case a 6 out of 10 score.

– “Open Up” design
– Room for 2 optical drives
– Fan controller

– Will not fit modular power supplies, a normal power supply barely fits
– Weak cooling system
– Horrible installation instructions
– Single top panel design
– No thumbscrews on the outside of the case

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