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iOttie Easy Flex Wireless Qi Standard Charging Car Mount
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iOttie Easy Flex Wireless Qi Standard Charging Car Mount Review

I hate wires. No, really, I hate wires. I was one of the first people I knew to get WiFi in my house, I’ve never had a landline, and I used to joke that I cut the cable cord out of principle alone. All of this said, it’s no surprise that I’m big on wireless charging. I’ve got a Tylt VÜ at work, an official Nexus wireless charger (with magnets!) on my nightstand, and a DiGiYes dual-spot wireless charger in my living room. Now, with the iOttie Easy Flex Wireless Qi Standard Charging Car Mount, I’ve got wireless charging in my car, too. We first saw the Easy Flex Qi, as I’ve come to call it, and do remember that Qi is pronounced “chee”, at CES 2014, where it won a coveted CEA Innovations Award for its fantastic design and functionality. We’re glad to finally get our hands on one to see how it fairs under review.

Booq Boa Brief Laptop Bag

Booq Boa Brief Laptop Bag Review

Protecting expensive equipment while traveling is the primary goal of any laptop-focused backpack or briefcase. Aesthetics are subjective; individuals’ style ranges widely. Some prefer flamboyant or easily spotted colors, while others want something rustic and classy. Booq’s Boa Brief briefcase leans towards the latter. It’s subtle and bold, appearing understated but being functionally useful and focused on its primary goal: protect the stuff. ThinkComputers takes a look...

WD My Cloud 2TB Personal Cloud Storage

WD My Cloud 2TB Personal Cloud Storage Review

While cloud storage services such as Dropbox,, SpiderOak, and more offer decent ways to store a few gigabytes of data for free, once a user passes that free mark, the price for storage increases significantly. Rather than pay a monthly fee, someone smart thought, why not use a user’s existing home network for storage instead? The WD MyCloud isn’t the first home network-attached storage device, but it is certainly among the easiest to set up that I’ve encountered. The MyCloud offers a unified access method - - to mount the storage and make it usable like a network drive no matter where in the world you are. With Time Machine-compatible backup and media playback servers, the MyCloud promises to be as useful remote as it is when you are sitting next to it. ThinkComputers takes a look at this promising cloud device and finds it not quite to be as clear skies as we’d like. Here’s the review.

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CES 2014: The Cars

It's been a few years since our last car gallery. The showing is not quite as impressive this year as it was then, but there were still some cool wheels around the show floor. Here they are, presented without interruption.

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