TRENDnet Brings Gigabit to Powerline

TRENDnet launched this week the TPL-420E2K, a Powerline 1000 kit with theoretical gigabit maximum speeds. It uses the latest Qualcomm 7500 HPAV2 chipset that employs 2×2 MIMO to deliver the fastest speeds available in electrical networking.

TRENDnet TPL-420E2K Powerline 1000 kit

The device achieves its high speeds by using all three prongs on the electric plug. It detects which two have the best signal and uses them. Some older homes don’t have the ground wire connected to a house-wide grounding system, so the device will fall back to the 600 Mbps specification when it detects no signal on that prong. It’s compatible with all Homeplug Alliance devices.

Our rep stated that, while the theoretical speed is 1,000 Mbps, the realistic performance is more like 380-450 Mbps and will always vary based on the home’s wiring.

The TPL-420E2K will be available in June for $170.


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