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CES 2017 – TP-Link’s Deco M5 Is A Mesh Wi-Fi and Powerline Ethernet Solution

Mesh networking products are all over CES 2017. TP-Link introduced Deco M5, their first mesh, or as it is more commonly called, whole home Wi-Fi system. Deco M5 covers the basics such as 802.11ac, single network name, band steering, dynamic AP selection, and an extensive mobile app. After the basics, Deco M5 does have one more trick up its sleeve - hint: keep an eye on that power plug.

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D-Link DHP-W310AV PowerLine AV+ Wireless N Mini Extender Review

Those pesky Wi-Fi dead spots. I'm sure everyone has experienced those annoying times when you can't just seem to get a solid Wi-Fi signal. Those times when you get a brief weak Wi-Fi signal and then disappears are the worst ones, they are so frustrating! Well today I've got something a little special to share with you today. I review the D-Link DHP-W310AV PowerLine AV+ Wireless N Mini Extender.


Rosewill RPLC-500 500 Mbps Powerline Networking Kit Review

In terms of getting a network connection from one point to another in a way that most folk consider neat and orderly, some ways are easier than others. Running Ethernet or coaxial cable can be messy for existing structures, and sometimes there’s a reason not to use WiFi. When those two standard options are out, the next one to consider is Powerline networking. Powerline is oft-forgotten, because most folk reach for a better WiFi router when they need it. The 500 Mbps RPLC-500 Kit from Rosewill is a new contender in this space. It offers a smaller wall wart adapter than some of its competitors’ offerings and great power saving features. Its plug-and-play operation lets users get up and running in no time.


CES 2013: TRENDnet

We met at Digital Experience with TRENDnet’s Zak Wood to preview some of the networking products company’s new technology for CES 2013. TRENDnet is introducing a pair of 802.11ac wireless products, a router and a USB 3.0 adapter. It also announced the smallest 500 Mbps Powerline adapter, and it has a pass-through plug, to boot.

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Rosewill Introduces Two RPLC Powerline Networking Members

Rosewill, the leading brand of PC Components and Peripherals and award-winning power supplies, computer cases, and gaming keyboards, is introducing Powerline Networking members, RPLC-200KIT and RPLC-500KIT. Joining Rosewill's growing family of wireless routers, switches, wireless adapters, and network adapters, Rosewill is proud to present 2 additional members to complete a line-up of networking products for all networking needs.


CES 2011: TRENDnet

Wireless device manufacturer TRENDnet, a 20-year-old US company, met with ThinkComputers at CES to show a few of its new products. The company isn't terribly well-known in the US, but is a very strong brand in Europe (primarily France), Russia, and several South American countries. TRENDnet is setting its sights on the US market, though, aggressively marketing itself and focusing on being first-to-market with its technologies. TRENDnet currently has the most popular gaming adapter on the market in the US. Gaming adapters are used for console systems and other devices which lack wireless NICs or the ability to add one via USB or PCI. TRENDnet made a flurry of announcements at CES.

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