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CES 2017

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The Case Mods and Builds of CES 2017

CES is always a great place to find amazing PC Mods and Builds. CES is a place for many companies to showcase their new products and what better way to get attention to those products than to have them inside of a great mod or build. PC Modding has never been bigger and many companies actually commission modders to create builds for CES. It was awesome to see so many mods and incredible builds at CES this year. So without further ado here is our gallery for the mods and builds of CES 2017!

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CES 2017 – ROCCAT’s First Wireless Mouse and New Owl-Eye Sensor

Owl-Eye, that's the name of ROCCAT's new sensor in their 2017 mouse lineup. It is a 12,000dpi sensor that was developed in conjunction with PixArt, and its sensitivity can be adjusted in 100dpi increments from 100 - 12,000. ROCCAT's new mice consist of Kone Pure 2017, Kone EMP, and Leadr. Most people are familiar with ROCCAT's Kone line, but Leadr is ROCCAT's first wireless mouse.

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In Win Turns Case Mods Into Production Cases

This past summer at Computex, In Win hosted the 2016 Mod in Taiwan contest. There were eight teams invited to the 24 hour contest made up of three, eight hour sessions. Among other challenges, teams had to figure out what tools they may need and deal with the logistics and technical challenges of working in a foreign country without their personal workshop. At the end two builds were chosen as the winners and then both builds were copied with intense attention to detail and turned into limited addition production models.

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Alphacool Eislicht Brings Smooth Lighting to Your PC

If you've ever worked with led lighting in a computer case you may have noticed how the individual LEDs create their own points of light. Similar to what you see with Christmas lights you get small extra bright points instead of evenly distributed light and color. While you may want this sometimes, others you just want to evenly light the interior of your case. In an effort to correct this Alphacool has designed Eislicht, a light strip with similar properties to light panels.

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Samsung Brings Quantum Dot to Ultrawide

Samsung is bringing their quantum dot technology to their monitor range hard this year. With several standard models sporting the tech it makes sense that they would build an ultra wide to give the professional something to use. The CF791 is a 34" ultra wide boasting a 100hz refresh rate and a deep 1500R curvature all on top of a 3440x1440 resolution.

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In Win Tou 2.0 Gets All Shined Up for CES

In Win is always bringing impressive cases to show off at CES and this year is no exception. Fresh from the upgrade line is Tou 2.0 and it sure does catch the eye. This massive full tower, surely an enthusiast piece, has large 5mm thick tempered glass panels covering most of the exterior while LED lights dim and brighten to change whether the case is mirrored or opaque. The lights brightness are controlled through a really unique touch slider switch built into the top of the front panel.

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