Alienware Puts Eye Tracker in New Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops haven’t always been that great of an item to own. They were bulky, heavy, horrible with battery life and really not powerful enough to do much with. Luckily those days are behind us, as Alienware has shown at CES this year. The ALW 17 is a 17″ gaming laptop jam packed full of features.

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The top end model comes with a gorgeous 4k display with built in IR eye tracking provided by Tobii. While eye tracking is an emerging tech and has yet to show it’s full potential it brings another level of immersion to gaming. To drive that display you get an 8GB GTX 1070 graphics card coupled with a brand new i7-7700HQ processor. All that power is caged in a sleek matte black body accented with RGB LEDs in the keyboard, mouse pad, and along both sides of the laptop.

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The ALW 17 is of course VR ready and has all the requisite connections. Additionally you get 2 Thunderbolt equipped USB-C ports and 2 USB 3.1 ports.

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The ALW 17 is basically everything you could ever want in a gaming laptop. It is currently available with a starting price of only $1449.

In addition to the 17 inch model Alienware has also announced the 15 and 13 inch variant.

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Both of the smaller versions lack the Tobii eye tracking bar, however they do offer VR support and sport a UHD and 1440p displays respectively.

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The ALW 13 starts at $999 while the ALW 15 starts at $1299.

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