CES 2017 – Belkin WeMo Dimmer and WeMo Mini Smart Plug Coming In 2017

Smart Home enthusiasts have wanted a light switch with dimming features, and a smart plug that wouldn’t take two outlets. Belkin has answered both wishes with WeMo Dimmer and WeMo Mini Smart Plug.

WeMo Dimmer will replace any standard wall light switch and adds the ability to dim the lights connected to that switch. Controlling the dimming functionality is rather simple, just slide your finger along the capacitive front panel from bottom to top or vice versa, for barely illuminated or full brightness. Another feature of WeMo Dimmer is it asks what type of lights are hooked up to the switch (LED, incandescent) so it will avoid any flickering or noise that other dimmer switches can produce. Of course WeMo Dimmer also works with the current WeMo app and all third parties that WeMo supports such as Alexa, IFTTT and Google Home.


WeMo Mini Smart Plug is essentially the same exact product as WeMo Switch, but in a smaller, more rectangular form factor. The smaller form factor allows two WeMo Mini devices to be stacked, or you could have one WeMo Mini and anything else plugged into the second outlet. Again, WeMo Mini will work with the current WeMo app and any currently supported third parties. WeMo Mini is available now for pre-order for $34.95.


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