ZM-GM4 is Zalman’s Most Adjustable Mouse Ever

Zalman showed us its new ZM-GM4, an 8200 dpi gaming mouse with 8 customizable buttons and adjustable weight and dimensions.

Zalman ZM-GM4 mouse

It includes the hex key necessary to adjust the mouse. The bubble on the top is where the weights are, just like in the ZM-GM3, the predecessor of this unit.

Zalman ZM-GM4 mouse

In our initial feel, the position of the buttons is likely to be a little weird at first, but may be useful as the user becomes accustomed to it. A big silver lever button is perfect for some infrequent, calculated action, like an alpha strike in Mechwarrior Online.

Zalman ZM-GM4 mouse, side

The ZM-GM4 will be available in the first quarter for $75.

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