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Zalman ZM-K900M White Edition
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Zalman Intros A White Version Of The ZM-K900M Gaming Keyboard

Zalman is introducing the ZM-K900M White Edition mechanical gaming keyboard. It is the exact same keyboard as the original ZM-K900M which we reviewed back in October, except of course it features a white chassis and white keycaps.


Win A Zalman ZM-K900M Mechanical Gaming Keyboard!

We have another contest! This time we are teaming up with our friends at Zalman to give away two of their ZM-K900M Mechanical Gaming Keyboards! These keyboards are feature mechanical key switches, RGB backligting and much more! We have two (2) ZM-K900M Mechanical Gaming Keyboards to give away to our readers! We will be running this contest on Facebook and it really is quite simple to enter! See the instructions below on how you can enter! A big thanks to Zalman for providing the ZM-K900M Mechanical Gaming Keyboards for us to give away!

Zalman ZM-K900M Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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Zalman ZM-K900M Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages step right up and see the amazing, the fantastic, the unbelieveable, RGB LED mechanical keyboard! Alright let’s just cut to the chase here and come right out with it. Having RGB keys and backlighting on a mechanical keyboard is no longer enough to sell all on it’s own. The market is simply flooded with these decks and they come in all flavors, shapes, and sizes. What was once a neat trick for those silly dome switch equipped decks is now available from every switch and board manufacturer out there. In fact not having an RGB LED mechanical deck in your product line up has become more of an oddity. Whether you consider these prism emulating input devices to be worthy of your hard earned buck is entirely up to you. However since they are the hottest thing since, well, sliced bread I suppose let’s go ahead and check one of them out. The newest deck in Zalman’s well rounded stable is the ZM-K900M. It is of course RGB LED and comes equipped with Khailh blue switches. Follow along as we find out if this keyboard is worthy of being your personal input device.

Zalman X7
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Zalman Unveils The Massive X7 Chassis

Zalman has unveiled one of their biggest cases to date in the new X7 chassis. It supports E-ATX, SSI-EBB, XL-ATX, and HPTX form factor motherboards in addition to the common ATX form factors. The case features a dual compartment design with the main compartment housing your motherboard, graphics cards, and storage. The main compartment has room for graphics cards up to 50 cm in length!

Zalman Z9 Neo White Case

Zalman Z9 Neo White Case Review

Zalman has been a little quiet lately. There have been no real major releases from them in a while, but today we have one of their new products in the Z9 Neo PC Case. This case fits in the budget category as it is only $68.50 at our favorite online retailer. Unlike many other budget cases the Z9 Neo has a lot to offer. For starters it ships with 5 included fans, has room for long graphics cards, liquid cooling options, a full power supply cover, room for up to six hard drives, and a nice side panel window to show off all of your hardware inside. Zalman sent us over the white version to check out today. Check out the last page of this review to see how you can win one of these cases for yourself! Let’s jump in and see what the Z9 Neo is all about.

Zalman ZM-K700M Gaming Keyboard
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Zalman ZM-K700M Gaming Keyboard Review

Zalman has been around for quite a long time and we know them best for their legendary CPU coolers and cases. Over the past few years Zalman has not really put out that many products. This sort of took them off the radar for many people. Well today we have a product that will definitely put them back on the map for you and it is not a CPU cooler or a case, it is actually a keyboard. The keyboard is the ZM-K700M and it is a full mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX mechanical switches, great build quality and some of the most impressive backlighting we’ve seen on a keyboard before. Let’s take a look at the ZM-K700M and see if Zalman has a winner on their hands.

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Zalman Z11 NEO Case Review

The Z11 NEO is what the Greek word "NEO" suggest. It’s "a new or revived form of" the earlier generations of the Zalman Z11 series of case that have been very popular for quite some time. While the Z11 has been around for a while the Z11 is a much better improved updated and redesigned NEO looks better and gives more with a price that in earlier days would have cost a builder three times what this case costs now. What really sets off the Zalman Z11 series is the puff out serviceable gills on the sides that make it look like a stealth fighter bomber or a high dollar Lambo theme case. The case has a cockpit like window on the side that makes it even more appealing in a man vs. machine sort of way. The Z11 NEO in big letters on the side harkens some back to the days of the older Zalman LQ-1000 Z machine series that made it look serious on anyone's work space. The branding lets onlookers know that your computer is something different than the average everyday work a day business machine. Having the Z11 NEO is an Artistic statement as much as a very well built case, so let’s take a look at what the NEO brings out in the new and revived version of the Zalman Z11.

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Zalman Files for Bankruptcy Over $3 Billion Moneual Fraud Conspiracy

Zalman has been a company that we have worked with for years here at ThinkComputers. We have reviewed their cases, CPU cooler and more. Well today we have to report some bad news about the company and it has conspiracy written all over it. Moneual, Zalman's parent company has conspired from the beginning, bleeding out trillions of Korean won for years, this has now led to Zalman filing for bankruptcy.

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