Zalman Shows off Impressive Z-Machine-500 and Z-Machine 300 Cases

While showing some impressive coolers Zalman also had some pretty awesome cases this year at Computex. The Z-Machine line is back and up first is the big-boy Z-Machine 500. This case has an open-air design with room for pretty much the most insane systems out there. It has support for a 360 mm radiator up front and a 240 mm radiator at the top.

zmachine 6

The chassis will actually come with five pre-installed 120 mm Spider RGB fans. Not much else is known about this case currently.

zmachine 4 zmachine 2 zmachine 5 zmachine 7

Zalman also had their M-Machine 300, which is made for mini-ITX builds. It features a full aluminum body and acrylic window to show off all of your hardware inside. It does have room for full-loop custom water cooling and and comes with a pump and reservoir included.

zmachine 8

The case is really geared towards watercooling builds. As far as storage it has room for 3 2.5-inch drives. It will support both SFX or SFX-L power supplies. There is an RGB lighting on the front of the case, which gives it some extra bling.

zmachine 9 zmachine 10

Via Quasarzone

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