NVIDIA Ampere will be 7nm and Launch in 2020

It looks like we have the first real reliable information on NVIDIA’s upcoming Ampere GPUs. DigiTimes is reporting that NVIDIA will be launching Ampere in 2020 and that it will be based off the Samsung 7nm EUV process.


NVIDIA Ampere GPUs To Launch in 2020

This is not the first time we’ve heard of NVIDIA’s Ampere GPUs, they came to light a year ago when they passed their EEC certification. Not much has been heard of since then, but now we know they will be launching in 2020. We can assume that NVIDIA will be continuing their RTX vision and take that even further with Ampere. Expect real time ray-tracing to be more efficient in this generation of GPUs.

Since these GPUs will be built on Samsung’s 7nm EUV process means that we are going to not only see an increase in performance, but also power efficiency. It is quite interesting that NVIDIA will be moving away from TSMC. They have been a loyal TSMC customer for quite a long time now. Could have Samsung offered NVIDIA a better deal? Or does NVIDIA believe that Samsung’s tech is better?

Currently TSMC’s 7nm process is not based on EUV, while they do have a EUV node planned. NVIDIA is moving forward with Samsung’s 7nm EUV process. It appears as if this process is better positioned to help them achieve their goals with Ampere.

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