NVIDIA “Super” Details Leak Out

Since the NVIDIA “Super” teaser video we’ve been wondering just what it is and up until this point no one knows. Well it appears that someone knows or at least is thinks they know what they might be. A post has appeared on China’s Weibo social media platform which gives details on what “Super” might be.



Looking at the post we can see that the 2060 Super would get bumped up to 8GB of VRAM (from the current 6GB) and all models show that they will have higher CUDA core counts. This also suggests that the “Super” models would sit between the normal and “Ti” models.

If this information turns out to be true it could mean that we could have three different cards in the RTX 20 Series. We would have the normal RTX cards, RTX “Super” cards, and RTX “Ti” cards.

Could NVIDIA be releasing these cards to compete price-wise with the AMD Radeon RX 5000 series?

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