ZALMAN Introduces P30 Air Micro-ATX Tower Case For Motherboards Featuring Reverse-Facing Connectors

ZALMAN has unveiled the P30 Air series of Micro-ATX mini-tower cases, emphasizing enhanced airflow in their design. Available in black or white, these cases feature perforated panels on the front and sides of the bottom half for improved ventilation.


The left side-panel exclusively encloses the upper compartment, while the bottom compartment is accessible through the right side-panel covering both compartments. ZALMAN has integrated three ARGB-illuminated fans into this case: two 140 mm spinners are pre-installed in the front mesh intake, and a 140 mm fan serves as the rear exhaust. The inclusion of a 140 mm rear exhaust fan indicates ample clearance on the motherboard tray for large graphics cards and CPU coolers.


One standout feature of the ZALMAN P30 Air is its motherboard tray, designed with strategically positioned cutouts to accommodate motherboards with reverse-facing connectors, such as the ASUS BTF series and MSI Project Zero series. The motherboard tray offers space for graphics cards up to 39.2 cm long and CPU coolers up to 181 mm tall. In the bottom compartment, there is a single 3.5-inch drive tray, along with an additional 2.5-inch mount on top.


Along the motherboard tray, there are two extra 2.5-inch mounts available. In addition to the two 140 mm front intakes and the 120 mm rear exhaust, the case includes three 120 mm top exhausts, allowing for the mounting of a 360 mm radiator. However, due to its design, a radiator cannot be mounted along the front panel. With dimensions of 235 mm x 452 mm x 420 mm (WxDxH), the case weighs 7.6 kg without any components installed. Pricing details have not been disclosed by the company.

Via TechPowerUp