Evutec Combines Ecology and Technology for Next Generation Mobile Cases

Evutec has combined wood laminate with Kevlar to create shock-resistant yet extremely light cases for mobile products.

When dropped, the combined material spreads the shock diagonally instead of inward, distributing force across the entire case instead of simply padding the impact. The S cases are only .7mm thin and also have a variant that is just Kevlar, while the SP cases have a thin layer of TPU for additional protection and a rubbery bounce.

Evutech S series

Evutec is a newcomer to the tech scene, having been founded around a year ago. Their ecology-minded production and packaging goals include reusing remnants for other products or using alternative materials such as paper or linen for packaging or other products altogether.

Evutech S series

The S and SP cases are available now starting at $40 for iPhones and many Samsung Galaxy products, and the company plans to round out the newer products in Apple’s and Samsung’s lines this year. The cases for the Apple products are available in the Apple retail stores as of seven weeks ago. Our rep states that they are the thinnest and lightest cases on the market, but offer more protection than most other cases due to the shock absorption of Kevlar.

Evutech S series


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