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Google Keyboard
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Google Keyboard For iPhone In The Works

It looks like the official Google Keyboard could be making its way to the iPhone very soon. According to a recent report Google has been testing Google Keyboard for iPhone amongst its employees for several months now. It is unclear when Google will be releasing this keyboard publicly.

Native Union JUMP Cable
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Native Union JUMP Cable Review

Portable power banks and cables for our mobile devices are extremely popular. Almost everyone I know has a portable power bank. We want to be connected all of the time and in doing so we diminish our devices batteries before we have time to charge them up. If you are an iPhone user I’m sure you’ve gone through your fair share of cables. Plain and simple Apple makes horrible cables. Well Native Union has a device that solves both of these problems. It is their JUMP Cable which they say is the “world’s first 2-in-1 charging cable and portable battery booster.” So you have a portable power bank that also has a charging cable built in. But unlike many power banks that have a cable built in this one allows for to connect your device and also connect to an external power source to charge up the power bank and your device at the same time! The JUMP cable seems like the perfect accessory to have with you at all times, let’s take a look and see if that is true!

PQI iConnect mini Flash Drive
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PQI Announces iConnect mini Flash Drive

PQI, the world's leading brand of peripheral storage accessories for portable devices, announces the availability of the revolutionary iConnect Mini Lightning flash drive for Apple devices. The iConnect mini features an incredibly large storage space for its small size and is very accessible with its main features available via a single button press. The iConnect mini will be available to buy soon on Amazon.

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The Top Camera on Flickr in 2015 Was The iPhone

Photo storage and sharing site Flickr recently published their "Year in Review 2015" report in which they break down which photos where the most popular on the network, as well as what cameras were the most popular. Interestingly enough, Apple's iPhone sits on the top of the list with 42% of photos on the network being taken by an iPhone. Next on the list is Canon's EOS series of cameras with 27% and finally Nikon's D series with 16%.

iPhone 6s

Everything You Need To Know About The iPhone 6s

Apple just announced its brand new iPhone 6s and as they said “everything” is new about the device. Apple has added in a new faster processor, 12-megapixel camera, a new feature called 3D Touch, and much more. I have to say after watching the keynote I am pretty excited for the iPhone 6s. I believe that Apple put more into this device because of such competition of other devices. Come along with us and see what the new iPhone 6s is all about!

LUXA2 Smart Clip & Tab Clip
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LUXA2 Smart Clip & Tab Clip Review

LUXA2’s Smart Clip and Tab Clip perform similar functions but for different devices. Smart Clip holds 3.5” - 6” mobile phones, while Tab Clip holds tablets 6” - 10”. Each feature a powerful suction cup, full 360 degree swivel and rotation, and non-slip rubber grip for extra stability. Let's see what the Smart Clip and Tab Clip are all about!

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