AirLink 101 SpyIPCam747W Wireless Network Camera Review

Final Thoughts
For basic anytime surveillance the SkyIPCam747W is great.  You can view live video from it anytime from anywhere if you have an internet connection.  You can setup motion detection and schedule events to take snapshots that can be e-mailed to you or uploaded to an FTP server of your choice.  All of this is perfect for personal surveillance.  The pan and tilt work great and are just what you need if you need to move around a room to see what all is going on.

The thing that I see missing is the ability to record video from motion detection or scheduled recordings.  You are able to take snapshots for these events, but not record video.  If someone is breaking into your house or something serious is happening you want as much evidence as possible and sometimes a snapshot is just not enough.  You are able to record video if you are viewing the live camera, but I have yet to see any options to record events.  I really wish this was added.

I really like that this camera is wireless.  That means you are able to mount it pretty much anywhere in your house and you only have to worry about to power cable.  The included wall / ceiling mount kit is great if you are not placing the camera on a desk or flat surface.

Right now sells the SkyIPCam747W for $129.99, which is a pretty good price for all of the features that the camera offers.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the AirLink 101 SpyIPCam747W Wireless Network Camera an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small

– Easy to setup
– Wireless
– Includes wall / ceiling mount

– Cannot capture video for events, just snapshots

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