Alienvibes EP02 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

Usage & Testing
Well let’s first talk about how comfortable the Alienvibes EP02 headphones are, because even if they sound amazing if they are not comfortable it sort of defeats the purpose. When I first put the EP02’s on I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they were. I did not need to adjust the headband, but I’m sure these would fit pretty much anyone. The earcups could have been a little bit larger for people with large ears, but they fit me pretty much perfect. The ear cushions not only were comfortable, but are breathable so your ears will not sweat. The headband cushion felt great and I used the EP02’s for hours without any issues.

So not it is time to start listening to music! First connect the EP02’s to a music source whether it is your computer, tablet, MP3 player or phone. Next install your batteries and slide over the power button. A small LED indicator will let you know the EP02’s are powered on.

Alienvibes EP02 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

These being noise cancelling headphones of course we wanted to see how well that worked. I was very surprised at how well the EP02’s canceled out outside noise. During my time testing the EP02’s I had construction going on in my apartment (a room away from my office) and with the headphones on I did not even know it was going on. If it was the TV in the same room, someone talking, etc the EP02’s made me feel like I was completely by myself. Even when I first put the headphones on without them powered on I noticed it really isolated my ears. As I said this really immerses you in your music so you can really enjoy it.

I listened to quite a lot of different music with the EP02’s. The first thing that caught my attention was how clear and crisp the sound was. In many cases I would hear little things in the songs that I never noticed before. Listening to music with heavy bass I was surprised at how well it was reproduced and it did not seem distorted at all. Since I was isolated from outside noises I did not have to have the volume up that much at all. In most cases I have the volume of my device at 50% or lower.

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