Alienware Unveils the New 500 Hz IPS AW2524HF Gaming Monitor

You’re a serious gamer with serious aspirations. You want that coveted Grandmaster ranking in Overwatch 2, The Global Elite status in Counter-Strike, and the prestige of a Supersonic Legend in Rocket League. Getting there takes strategy, discipline, and talent. But you also need the right gaming hardware to help refine your skills and catapult you into the next tier of competitive play. Success starts with a powerful PC. From there, harnessing the potential of blazing-fast frame rates requires a gaming monitor built to keep up.

The new Alienware 500 Hz Gaming Monitor AW2524HF is the FreeSync Premium-equipped follow-up to the CES Best of Innovation Award-winning G-SYNC certified AW2524H 500 Hz monitor. These two displays represent the pinnacle of performance-oriented technology as the world’s fastest IPS gaming monitors. Both the AW2524HF and AW2524H boast a 24.5″ IPS panel that refreshes up to 500 times per second, enabling them to achieve intoxicatingly fluid motion. And with a 0.5 ms gray-to-gray response time, latency is cut to an absolute minimum and blurring and ghosting are virtually eliminated.

Alienware AW2524HF

That combination of a fast refresh rate and low latency puts you at a distinct advantage over less responsive platforms when you’re lining up shots. Combined with FreeSync Premium on the AW2524HF, and NVIDIA G-SYNC on the AW2524H, screen tear is eliminated by synchronizing the monitor’s refresh rate to your graphics card’s frame rate for a smooth visual experience and accurate, responsive gameplay.

The AW2524H also boasts built-in NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer hardware which lets players measure overall system latency, and both 500 Hz models have an esports-inspired industrial design and a retractable hanger for stashing your headset. Melding good looks and useful features to match performance, either monitor is a true centerpiece for your competitive battle station.

Why is a 500 Hz refresh such a big deal to competitive gamers?
Most discussions of frame rates and monitor refresh rate (measured in cycles per second, or hertz) come to the same conclusion: more is better. Generally, higher frame rates do produce a smoother-looking gaming experience. It’s not enough to simply chase frames, though. You also want a monitor designed to show those frames as quickly as the GPU renders them.

Alienware AW2524HF

The AW2524H and AW2524HF’s 500 Hz refresh rate takes competitive gaming to the next level by complementing your high-end graphics card and displaying more frames per second. As a result, on-screen action feels smoother. You’re able to track targets with pinpoint precision, even as you whip around in fast-paced games.

Pristine display clarity goes hand-in-hand with the unprecedented frame rates we’re talking about. The AW2524H’s 0.5 ms grey-to-grey response time translates to fast pixels that minimize distracting motion blur. Those fast pixels also cover 99% of the sRGB color space, while earning VESA’s DisplayHDR 400 certification.

For both 500 Hz models, their exceptional visual performance is largely attributable to Fast in-plane switching (IPS) panel technology, which leverages a unique crystal orientation to achieve excellent color accuracy from any viewing angle. In comparison, gaming monitors based on older and less sophisticated twisted nematic (TN) tech lose color consistency if you aren’t directly in front of them.

Get the most from Alienware’s AW2524H with a powerful gaming PC
Taking full advantage of a 500 Hz refresh rate does require a high-end gaming PC. If you want to see your favorite esports games running at 500 FPS, you need plenty of processing horsepower, graphics muscle, and system memory. There’s no such thing as too much performance here. At the native 1920×1080 resolution, every subsystem works hard to push frames through the rendering pipeline inside of two milliseconds.

Even with the fastest hardware available, many games won’t run at 500 FPS unless you dial back some of their quality settings. This is actually common practice in the competitive gaming world, where eye candy takes a back seat to boosting frames per second. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself dialing back detail presets, relaxing texture quality, and turning off immersive effects like camera shake to improve consistency.

Some games fall short of the 500 FPS mark for other reasons. Apex Legends, for example, is capped at 300 FPS. Not to worry. AW2524HF’s FreeSync Premium and AW2524H’s NVIDIA G-SYNC technologies sync the monitors’ refresh to your game’s frame rate ceiling for maximum performance. AW2524HF also sports VESA AdaptiveSync, making this monitor a great fit for any modern GPU from AMD, NVIDIA, or Intel.

Alienware AW2524HF

Feed the AW2524HF and AW2524H as much performance as possible. They’ll respond with the crispest gameplay you’ve ever enjoyed, free from blur or ghosting. And rest assured that frame rates below the AW2524H’s 500 Hz refresh rate will still look silky smooth thanks to the variable refresh technology.

Alienware’s 500 Hz gaming monitors combine bleeding-edge display performance and top-tier features
It’s easy to gush about the these distinguished specs. But there’s a lot more to these monitors than high refresh rates and fast response times.

For instance, the AW2524H integrates NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer hardware, which you can use to measure latency as accurately as a 10,000 FPS camera. An on-screen overlay reports frame rate, GPU utilization, mouse latency, PC plus display latency, and end-to-end system latency, quantifying the time it takes for mouse clicks to become muzzle flashes.

The AW2524HF and AW2524H also feature a menu system tailored to gaming enthusiasts. Preset modes like Esports, FPS, MOBA/RTS, RPG, and Sports load optimized color settings for each genre. The Game Enhance mode displays a timer for logging practice sessions or a frame rate counter for monitoring performance in real-time. Manual adjustments for response time, visibility in dark environments, and the variable backlight help fine-tune your personal preferences.

Customizability extends to the monitors’ exterior design as well. The iconic Legend 2.0 design tilts, swivels, rotates, and extends vertically on a minimal hexagonal base for maximum comfort. And when it’s time to hang up your headset for the night, a retractable hanger pops out from the screen’s left side, keeping your desk clutter-free

Alienware has the right monitor for esports athletes at every level
The AW2524H and AW2524HF combine lightning-fast refresh rates, low system latencies, and snappy response times, delivering the smoothest gaming experience available. The 24.5″ panel size and FHD native resolution are carefully chosen to maximize frame rates and minimize head movement, matching the form factor most commonly used at gaming tournaments. Whether you’re an amateur gamer aspiring to greatness or a certified professional upgrading to the latest and greatest display technology, Alienware’s pair of 500 Hz monitors are top-of-the-line.

Of course, gaming genres are as diverse as the gamers who play them. Alienware’s portfolio of gaming monitors is loaded with plenty of other options tuned for fast action and high refresh rates to bring your favorite titles to life.

Take the AW2724HF, for example. Like the 500 Hz models, it sports a Fast IPS display with a 1920×1080 native resolution and 0.5 ms gray-to-gray response time, delivering crisp visuals and exceptional color accuracy from any viewing angle. You also get variable refresh rate support through AMD FreeSync Premium technology and 99% coverage of the sRGB color space. Alienware’s distinguished styling carries over, complete with the retractable headset hanger. But instead of a 24.5″ panel with a 500 Hz maximum refresh rate, the AW2724HF boasts a larger 27″ screen able to refresh at 360 Hz. If you’re sitting a little farther back from your monitor, the AW2724HF’s spacious panel and esports-ready refresh rate could be a good alternative to the AW2524HF and AW2524H.

Gamers in search of value may look to the AW2523HF. This monitor is equipped with a 24.5″ Fast IPS panel capable of 360 Hz refresh rates—specs that are tournament standard for esports. A 1920×1080 native resolution and 0.5 ms response time match the 27″ AW2724HF. AMD FreeSync Premium technology supports variable refresh rates for the smoothest animation possible, while the iconic Legend 2.0 design features a hexagonal base for an optimized footprint and the now-familiar headset hanger. It’s a great option for pro gamers looking to balance high-end graphics with a responsive display.

So, whether you’re into fast-paced first-person shooters, management-intensive RTS games, or mechanically precise MOBAs, Alienware has a monitor that’ll maximize your enjoyment (and level up your performance).


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