Alphacool Announces Eiswolf GPX-Pro AiO Radeon VII M01

Combine the perfection of the powerful Eiswolf GPX-Pro AiO Radeon VII water cooling with the quality of DIY elements. Expand it as you need it and enjoy the best possible cooling performance in your system. Make perfect use of the Eiswolf GPX-Pro AiO Radeon VII. The included backplate covers your graphics card completely. Cool your graphics card optimally and extend its life expectancy. Your pump – Strong, Quiet, Efficient Alphacool has installed the proven Alphacool DC-LT Ceramic Ultra Low Noise Pump in the Eiswolf GPX-Pro AiO Radeon VII. The pump is known for running extremely quietly. The insulated pump housing means you won’t hear it and the vibrations are almost completely absorbed.

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Solid copper – The best performance at the highest level The radiator of the new Alphacool NexXxos series is also made of solid copper. This means that the Alphacool NexXxos radiators offer you the highest thermal conductivity for the best performance.

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