Alphacool Announces the New Eisbecher Helix & Helix Light

Alphacool presents the brand new Eisbecher Helix family, the Eisbecher Helix 250 and the Eisbecher Helix Light. Both versions offer a unique look with their helix, reminiscent of a strand of DNA, running through the middle of the reservoir. The acetal bottom and top are completely covered with elegant aluminium caps, putting a finishing touch on the outstanding aesthetic of the Eisbecher Helix.

ac helix

The Eisbecher Helix 250 also comes with a UV cathode tube, which is placed right in the middle of the Helix. If UV-reactive water is used, this will create an even glow shining from within the reservoir – the perfect eye-catcher.

ac helix 3

The Alphacool Helix Eisbecher captivates with its unique Helix Optic, including elegant aluminium caps for its upper and bottom sides. The 60mm diameter version also offers a UV cathode tube to illuminate UV-reactive water from within.

– Helix Optic
– Four color combinations
– Two diameter sizes – 50mm and 60mm
– 60mm comes with UV cathode tube

The Helix 250 also has numerous options for connection points. It has three G1/4″ threads in both the bottom and top. The Eisbecher Helix 250 also has two connection points on the sides of the bottom, making for eight G1/4″ connections available in total.
The Eisbecher Light has two G1/4″ connections in both the top and bottom.

ac helix 2

Both versions can be mounted with a two-piece clip bracket. Each clip can be fastened to the case with just one screw. The Eisbecher Helix just needs to be clipped in. This opens up numerous mounting options inside the case. The Eisbecher Helix 250 also comes with the well-known Eisbecher bracket, which allows for mounting on radiators with two or more 120 or 140mm fans. The top and bottom have notches which allow the bracket to lock flush with the Eisbecher for a neat, unobtrusive look.

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