AMD 4th Generation Ryzen Desktop Processors Could Launch in September

According to sources in the motherboard industry AMD will be launching their 4th generation Ryzen desktop processors in September 2020. These processors are codenamed “Vermeer” and will be AM4 socket multi-chip modules made up of two CPU complex dies based on the “Zen 3” microarchitecture with an I/O controller die. The “Zen 3” chips are expected to be made on a new 7nm-class process by TSMC, either N7P or N7+. One of the big changes with “Zen 3” is AMD is doing away with the CCX arrangement of the CPU cores, with each chiplet holding a common block of cores sharing a last-level cache. This change along with clock speed increases and the new node should have some nice price-performance increases.


AMD is also expected to launch their “Zen 2” 8-core “Renoir” APUs within 2020. This will succeed the current “Picasso” quad-core Ryzen 3000-series APUs. These will go head to head with Intel’s 10th generation Core i5 6-core, 12-thread processors in terms of pricing and will have more cores and a faster iGPU.

4th generation Ryzen processors will launch alongside AMD’s 600-series motherboard chipset, which should have forwards and backwards compatibility. AMD was originally expected to launch these parts at Computex 2020 in June, but the event has been rescheduled to late September.

Via Tom’s Hardware

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