AMD A520 motherboards to arrive in September

According to a news report, we will release of the low-budget AMD A520 motherboard sometime in September. It may debut with the Ryzen 4000 Vermeer Zen 3 CPUs. The release of the Renoir series APUs is not known yet. These chipsets will be made by ASMedia. The company has been making many of AMD’s desktop

Ups and downs with AMD so far…

It is extremely likely to see a lack of support on the AMD A520 platform. Recently, we’ve reported on BIOSTAR motherboard hinting a lack of PCIe 4.0 support on AMD Ryzen 4000 series APUs (Accelerated Processing Units). AMD’s information about the Zen 3 support has its share of ups and downs. Originally, the B450 and the X470 chipsets were supposed to have Zen 3 support, but eventually, AMD said that it is not providing the support. After community backlash and discussions, AMD announced it will support Zen 3 CPUs on the B and X 400 series platform with certain caveats and limitations.

AMD A520 motherboards geared towards gamers this time

ASUS Prime A520M K

But having extended support on A series is not something the enthusiast and gamers don’t care or observe. That’s because A series is meant to be for low-end systems. But interestingly, ASUS A520 motherboard lineups were leaked- Prime A520M-A, the Prime A520M-E, and the Prime A520M-K. It also has two TUF Gaming motherboards are the TUF Gaming A520M-A, and the TUF Gaming A520M-Plus. The pricing of these motherboards is unknown. But obviously it will be priced well below the AMD 550 motherboards which also supports PCIe 4.0. it is very likely other motherboard makers like ASROCK and Gigabyte/ AORUS will follow suit.

Source: Digitimes

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