AMD Announces New FX-4130 Chip, Cuts Processor Pricing

Well it is that time of year again, back to school. If you are not already back to school or even if you are AMD announced today on their blog that they are rolling out a new member of the FX family and prices are getting lower across the entire FX series and the first generation AMD A-Series APU’s. The AMD FX-4130 processor, for enthusiasts who like their graphics (GPU) interchangeable and upgradeable, is a 4-core CPU that clocks slightly below a 4GHz operating frequency in a 125W thermal envelope. Suggested retail price for the part is a highly competitive $112.


If the FX-4130 is not your cup of tea they have dropped prices across the board for their entire FX series APU’s! You can see the price changes below!

– FX-8150 with liquid cooling: $251 (down from $271)
– FX-8150: $183 (down from $204)
– FX-8120: $153 (down from $164)
– FX-6200: $132 (down from $153)
– FX-6100: $112 (down from $132)
– FX-4170: $122 (down from $132)
– FX-4130: $112 (new processor)
– FX-4100: $101 (down from $112)
– A8 3870K Black Edition: $101 (down from $112)
– A8 3850: $91 (down from $101)
– A6 3670K Black Edition: $80 (down from $96)
– A6 3650: $77 (down from $91)
– A6 3500: $67 (down from $71)
– A4 3400: $48 (down from $57)
– A4 300: $46 (down from $53)

Source: AMD | News Archive

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