AMD B550 Leak Shows Prices Close to B450

It looks like we will see the launch of AMD B550 motherboards in June! This has been a long time coming as many people were looking for a less expensive alternative to AMD’s enthusiast X570 chipset. While X570 motherboards carried a very heavy premium compared to X470 motherboards it appears that B550 motherboards will launch at prices very similar to B450 boards. This is great news as B450 boards were extremely affordable.

The price leak for B550 motherboards come from @momomo_us on Twitter, who is known for very accurate leaks…

We believe the prices listed in the Tweet are in Australian Dollars, so in USD they would be $168.43. You’ll notice the prices says “inc GST”, which is a 10% tax on good in Australia, so the price is more around $150 for us here in the United States. Looking at the boards listed they are higher-end boards so we could easily see B550 boards go for as low as $100!

We expect B550 motherboards to launch in June!

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