AMD Demos Fourth Generation Kaveri APU At Computex

AMD announced the desktop version of its newest Richland A-series processors and unveiled it to the public for the very first time their upcoming Kaveri processor at the Computex Tradeshow earlier today. Currently the company is shipping its third generation APUs (Temash, Kabini and Richland). APU which is known as the future of computing combine x86 CPU with high performance is considered to be the key strategy of AMD.


This fourth generation APU has been confirmed to launch by the end of this year while the samples have already been sent out to customers for initial testing phase. Production will star in the third quarter of the year.

It is expected that these accelerated processing units will enclose the newest 28nm Steamroller core architecture that would be one of its kind and at the same time a major architectural uplift over the oldies (Bulldozer and Piledriver). They did come in an 8 core SKU but due to lagging performance against their competitor Intel that failed to perform in the huge market.


Coming down to Kaveri, both the CPU and GPU sides look great on it which includes the GCN which would deliver and improved performance. A major characteristic to be applied in Kaveri is the HUMA memory architecture which is constituent of HAS(Heterogeneous system architecture) which will permit the PCs to use their incorporated memory architecture in order to cross share system RAM between GPU and CPU which will improve the way PCs communicate and access with their memory.

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Source: WCCFTech | News Archive