AMD Dual GPU ‘Hawaii-XT’ Card Codenamed ‘Vesuvius’ Coming Soon

The R9 290X x2 is very soon going to reveal itself as we have it from some reliable sources. This Dual Hawaii-XT GPU is another roll out from AMD and has been codenamed as ‘Vesuvius’ which comes as no surprise by now because we are all used to the AMD’s naming strategy. The current generation by AMD takes the names from real life volcanoes and similar is the case of Vesuvius which was the volcanic eruption in the city of Pompeii. As stated by facts of the event, the volcano released such forceful thermal energy which was said to be 100,000 times stronger than the explosion of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. With all the power and energy, we now know for sure what AMD had in mind while naming this newest piece. As reported by a source, Chinese VR Zone, the newest Dual GPU Card is going to feature not only one but two of AMD’s flagship cores, namely the Hawaii-XT.


As the R9 290x is more of a predecessor to this one, it is likely that many will worry about the heating problems. The existing R9 290x runs at 95C and consequently it is hard to imagine how much the additional core will add up to the heating problems. If AMD decides to go on with this and rolls out the reference design, the reference coolers are surely in for a huge workload. A better choice for AMD would be to increase the fan speed, enabling it to work harder, and at the same deal with the increased level of noise which this will generate. It is too early to put a finger on how AMD is planning to manage the dual GPU card so all we can do is cross our fingers and wait for it to show up.

Source: VR-Zone | News Archive