AMD Godavari APU Lineup Leaked, 12 APUs Planned For Summer

AMD’s upcoming Godavari APU lineup has been leaked by the guys over at VR-Zone ahead of its summer launch. These new APUs will be part of the Kaveri-refresh platform, which is aimed to refresh current Kaveri APUs with the new 8000 series branding. AMD is planning 12 new APUs that utilize the x86 Steamroller core and GCN graphics architecture.

AMD Godavari

Since this is will be a Kaveri refresh these new chips will feature the same architectural enhancements as Kaveri with the same CPU and GPU cores. So Godavari will retain the four x86 cores and 512 stream processor design and will be available in several different variants. AMD will be using the latest 8000 series branding and will be sticking with the FM2+ platform that supports DDR3 memory at 2133 MHz. Current FM2+ motherboards will be able to support these new chips with a simple BIOS update that should roll out prior to launch.

When it comes to performance and clock speeds we will see a slight bump up as that is what a refresh platform is all about. All of the chips will retain the same TDP, but should see a performance boost anywhere from 5-15% better than current Kaveri APUs. AMD will be launching 12 APUs, 10 of which will be part of their A-Series family and two will be part of the Athlon Series family. Check out the graphic below to see the details of each APU.

AMD Godavari APU Lineup

Source: VR-Zone via WCCFTech | News Archive

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