AMD Hawaii GPUs Will Be Part of the Radeon 300 Series

After AMD quietly announced the first Radeon 300 Series cards for OEMs we were unsure where the Hawaii rebrands would fit into the product stack. With the Radeon R9 380 being a rebrand of the R9 285 that did not leave many cards left to be based off the Hawaii silicon. It looks like the Radeon 300 series cards that will be based off Hawaii will feature higher core clocks and more VRAM.

AMD R9 290X

It is very important to point out that these rebrands of Hawaii-based card will not feature HBM memory that we will see in the new flagship cards. The Hawaii rebrands have not been given codenames yet, so it is hard to see where they will fall in the product stack. Both the Hawaii XT and Hawaii Pro will get core clock boost and VRAM bumped up to 8GB.


And we have a large list of expected cards in the Radeon 300 series. Obviously the list is incomplete as many of the cards are not confirmed yet, but there is a lot there.


Source: VideoCardz | News Archive

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