AMD Jaguar Based Beema and Mullins APUs Confirmed For 2014

AMD launched their Jaguar platform in the second quarter with the launch of Kabini and Temash chips. The same platform is believed to be updated with the arrival of next generation Beema and Mullins APUs various platforms to prove its strength. It commands both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one which are next generation consoles. Not only this, it also powers high quality and high performance notebooks. Confident to mention here that Jaguar is in everything. It is expected to be updated in 2014 with the introduction of the Beema and Mullins APU.


Bema has upper hand to the Kabini APU featuring a 28nm architecture, GCN 2.0 cores and HSA enhancements which allows cross sharing the similar memory pool across the entire system. These Jaguar cores which are supposed to be featured in the Beema APU would be updated over the current Kabini APU which shall feature better performance and efficiency.

Not only this, the updated AMD Jaguar architecture will also be offered in Mullins which is considered to be a next gen successor to the not-so-late released Temash APU. Basically Temash is  an  APU showing low power design so it is obvious that the Mullins APU too shall brag lower power design, but increasing the performance up through HAS enhancements.

Other than this, the Mullins APU will also feature a SoC design like its forerunner whose foundation would be 28nm updated Jaguar architecture but with better cores , GCN 2.0 Graphics and more.

Up till now that are the only details we are aware of. As soon as we hear more, we will update you.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive