AMD “Navi” Graphics Card PCB Pictured, Features GDDR6

It looks like pictures of AMD’s upcoming AMD Radeon “Navi” graphics PCB made it to the web over the weekend. Looking at the pictures we have a long board with AMD markings and a layout that does not match any reference-design PCB that AMD has launched so far. At the center there is a large ASIC pad that is within 5% of the size of a “Polaris 10” chip. The ASIC is surrounded by eight GDDR6 memory pads. You can tell they are GDDR6 by looking at the pin layout compared to GDDR5.

amd pcb 1

The board has spots for two 8-pin PCI-Express power connectors, an 8+1 power phase design that will use premium components like rectangular tantalum capacitors, DrMOS, and a high-end VRM controller chip. It looks like we will also have a dual-BIOS.

amd pcb 2

Looking at display outputs we will have DisplayPort, HDMI, and even USB-C like a VirtualLink connector. The fan header looks like it will offer individual fan-speed control for the card’s multi-fan cooling solution, which could be the 3-fan solution that we saw on the Radeon VII. This card is rumored to either be unveiled at Computex 2019 or E3 2019.

Via Komachi Ensaka (Twitter)

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