AMD “Navi” Graphics Cards Could Arrive in August 2018

AMD’s Vega graphics cards are still very new, but it looks like the company is already moving towards the “Navi” architecture. Graphics cards based on the 7nm fabbed GPUs could be seen as early as August 2018 according to a new report.


TweakTown is reporting:

“Once again I have an exclusive story that AMD will have Navi ready to go sometime in July-August 2018, with a Navi-based professional card being launched at SIGGRAPH 2018. We’re still waiting for AMD to launch Radeon Pro SSG, something they unveiled during SIGGRAPH 2017 that hasn’t yet materialized.”

While there is no source of this information listed, August 2018 for Navi just seems a little soon. It seems next summer we are more likely to see a Vega refresh, possibly to 12nm.

We really have not heard much about Navi, except for that that the GPUs will be built using GlobalFoundries’ 7nm node using 7LP technology.

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