AMD R9 290X Benchmarked in 3DMark and 3DMark 11

It looks like PConline is one of the first media outlets to get their hands on an AMD R9 290X graphics card. They have run their first round of tests on the card and it looks like it is no as much of a “Titan Killer” as everyone thought! PConline has run the card through both 3DMark’s Fire Strike and 3DMark 11’s Extreme benchmark.



As you can see the R9 290X outperforms the GTX 780, but not the GTX Titan. In 3DMark Fire Strike the R9 290X scored 4605, which was close by not as high as the GTX Titan’s 4634 score.


In 3DMark 11 the R9 290X also took second place with a score of 4558 behind the GTX Titan’s score of 5009.


Source: PConline | News Archive

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