AMD Radeon Pro Duo Will Officially Launch April 26th

AMD officially unveiled their dual-GPU beast the Radeon Pro Duo back on March 15th, but it has not actually been officially launched. According to Hardware Battle, who has been quite spot on with leaks lately says that the Radeon Pro Duo will launch officially on April 26th. This is when it will be available in stores for purchase, although reviews might be out before that. So you will know performance before you decide to sink $1499 into the card.

AMD Radeon Pro Duo

For those who might have missed our original post the AMD Radeon Pro Duo will feature dual Fiji GPUs with 8192 stream processors, 8GB of HBM memory, and a very unique all-in-one liquid cooling system from Cooler Master.

AMD is positioning this card and the ultimate graphics card for VR. We will let you know if the launch date changes.

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