AMD Radeon R9 285 Launch Date Revealed

AMD will be launching its new performance-segment graphics card, the Radeon R9 285 on September 2nd 2014. Ahead of the launch AMD is expected to give us some details on the specifications and tease the card at its press event tomorrow celebrating 30 years of graphics and gaming.

AMD Radeon R9 280

AMD’s R9 285 will be based on the Tonga silicon which people are saying is AMD’s answer to NVIDIA’s GK104. The chip will over performance that rivals Tahiti at the power consumption of the GK104. The card is expected to have performance roughly of the R9 280, but at energy-efficiency and a pricing drop on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760.

A month later AMD is expected to launch the faster R9 295X, which should offer better performance than the R9 280X currently. The Tonga silicon features 2048 GCN 1.1 stream processors, 128 TMUs, 32 ROPs, and a 256-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface that will hold 2 GB and 4 GB of memory.


Source: VideoCardz | News Archive

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