AMD Radeon R9 390X Revealed

About 3 weeks ago Asetek announced the “largest ever design win” for the company that would result in 2 – 4 million dollars of revenue from a undisclosed OEM customer. Well it turns out the customer is AMD. Pictures of a cooler shroud is doing its rounds on Chinese tech forums. The design is very similar to the design of the Radeon R9 295X2, but is designed for a single-GPU card.

AMD Radeon R9 390X

The shroud has the same design as we saw on the Radeon R9 295X2, but the intake is pushed to the end where it normally is for single-GPU cards. Cut-outs for the PCI-Express connectors and central cut-outs for the watercooling tubes are visible. The baseplate heatsink is also visible, which will help cool the VRM of the card.

This of course is going to be AMD’s reference design, we could see AIB partners come up with air-cooled solutions with beefy heatsinks. This is all we currently know about the Radeon R9 390X, the launch date and specifications at the point are unknown.

Source: VideoCardz | News Archive

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