AMD RTG Senior VP and General Manager Mike Rayfield to Resign

It looks like another executive is leaving AMD’s Radeon Technology Group. This time it is RTG General Manager and Senior Vice President, Mike Rayfield, who will be resigning by year’s end. With his departure it will be the second time in a calendar year that the group has been without a formal leader.

Rayfield previously worked at NVIDIA as the General Manager of their Tegra business unit, and before that was Vice President and General Manager of Micron’s mobile storage business unit. Having been at both NVIDIA and Micron for some time it is very surprising to see him leave AMD so quickly, having only joined the company back in February of this year. AMD has stated that his departure is so that he can “spend more time with his family and pursue his personal passions”.

The interim successor will be David Wang (pictured below), who is the current Senior Vice President of Engineering at RTG. He has been with AMD for quite a long time having worked on ATI/AMD graphics cards as a GPU engineer from the R300 to GCN 1.0 in a time period ranging from 2000 to 2012.

david wang

Since Raja Koduri’s resignation AMD implemented a dual leadership model so both Rayfield and Wang have been working together leading the RTG group. Because of this the transition for Wang should go smoothly, although Wang’s role is only temporary. It will be interesting to see who AMD picks as Rayfield’s long-term successor.

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