AMD RX 500 Series Performance and Specifications Leaked

It looks like a version of AMD’s press deck that will accompany their Radeon RX 500 Series graphics cards has been leaked to the web. This gives us official specifications on the RX 580, RX 570, the unknown till now RX 560, and RX 550.

500 deck 1 500 deck 2 500 deck 3

To start with specifications the RX 580 has a base clock of 1257 MHz and will boost up to 1340 MHz (74 MHz higher than the RX 480’s 1266 MHz). The card is powered by a Polaris chip and has 36 Compute Units, so 2304 Stream Processors, and up to 8 GB of GDDR5 memory across a 256-bit interface. The RX 570 will keeps the same core configuration as the previous RX 470, but its boost clock will be upped to 1244 MHz (38 MHz of the RX 470). It will be offered in 4GB and 8GB variants.

500 deck 4 500 deck 5

AMD decided to change things up on the RX 560. It will actually have more Stream Processors than its previous counterpart. It will have 1024 stream processors over the RX 460’s 896. This means you’ll also get a TMU increase from 56 to 64, though the ROP count is the same. The RX 560 will have a boost clock of 1257, that is 57 over the RX 460’s 1200 MHz. The card will have memory configurations up to 4GB. And then finally we have the new RX 550. It has 512 Stream processors (8 CUs) and is clocked at 1183 MHz boost. The card will make use of 2GB of memory.

500 deck 6 500 deck 7

When it comes to performance AMD decided to compare the RX 580 to a GTX 970 and a R9 380X. The RX 550 gets compared to the R7 250 and the Intel HD 530.

500 deck 9 500 deck 8

It also looks like AMD is opting for a dual-fan reference cooler design on the RX 580, 570, and 560. This is instead of their typical single-fan, blower-style coolers.

500 deck 11 500 deck 10

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