AMD Ryzen 3000 Series CPU Lineup Leaked by Russian E-Tailer?

As we get closer to CES 2019 it looks like we have another leak about AMD’s Ryzen 3000 series processors. These processors were listed by a Russian e-tailer and these listings reveal quite a lot.

Starting at the top we have the Ryzen 9 3800X, which is reported to be a 16-core, 32-thread part with a base clock of 3.9 GHz and 4.7 GHz boost with a TDP of 125W. That is basically a Threadripper part on the consumer segment. You can assume this is going to go for much less than the 16-core Threadripper part too!

ryzen 3000 2

Moving down to Ryzen 7, these will be 12-core, 24-thread parts. The Ryzen 7 3700X and 3700 will have the same core counts, but the base clocks are different; 4.2/5.0 GHz for the 3700X and 3.8/4.6 GHz for the 3700. The models will have TDPs of 105W and 95W respectively.

ryzen 3000 3

Ryzen 5 parts will now be the baseline for 8-core CPUs. You have the 3600X and 3600 with base/boost clocks of 4.0/4.8 GHz and 3.6/4.4 GHz respectively. The 3600X will have a TDP of 95W whereas the 3600 is only 65W.

ryzen 3000 4

Finishing things up we have the Ryzen 3 series, which are 6-core, 12-thread parts. The 3300X and 3300 have base/boost clocks of 3.5/4.3 GHz and 3.2/4.0 GHz respectively with TDPs of 65W and 50W.

ryzen 3000 5

Now take this leak with a grain of salt, but if this happens to be true and AMD launches these at CES 2019 this year is going to be very interesting in the CPU space.

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