AMD Ryzen 9 4950X/5950X Vermeer Zen 3 CPU Engineering Sample spotted with a 4.8 GHz boost clock

AMD is working on a bunch of stuff for its next generation of chips, and one of the most important ones among those is the Zen 3 line of CPUs. An engineering sample of one of the Zen 3 chips has now been spotted in the wild.

The chip in question is a Ryzen 9 ‘Vermeer’ Zen 3 Desktop CPUs chip, which could be named either 4950X or 5950X. It was an engineering sample and showed a boost clock of 4.8 GHz. We have had confirmation that Zen 3 chips will be coming out this year, and now we have the first of many sightings we should be seeing in the months leading up to release. 

The leak comes from Igor’s Lab. The chip is a 16-core, 32-thread chip with the OPN code ‘100-000000059-52_ 48/35 _ Y’. The 48/35 numbers are the clock speeds, which means the chip is running at a base clock of 3.5 GHz and a boost clock of 4.8 GHz. The boost is higher than the current flagship Ryzen 9 3950X chip.

The information about the naming comes from Chiphell’s leaker ‘wjm47196’, who claims that the Zen 3 Vermeer series may get the Ryzen 5000 series branding. so the chip in question could be named the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X.

Of course, we’ll know for sure when we get official announcements and releases, in the coming months. Thoughts? Hit us up in the comments, down below!

Via Wccftech

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