AMD Ryzen R7 1700X Benchmarks Leak Out

It looks like the guys over at XFastest have got their hands on an AMD R7 1700X processor and have run it through some benchmarks. These include 3DMark Fire Strike, CPU Mark, and Cinebench R15! These appear to be the first benchmarks of the R7 1700X using these tests!


The first test is 3DMark Fire Strike, where the 1700X scores 17,916 points in Physics. Taking a look at the CPU-Z screenshot we can see the processor is actually running at 3.9 GHz (up 400 MHz from the chip’s base speed, at 3.4 GHz). It is unclear if this is a manual overclock, or with the chips XFR automated overclocking.


Next is the CPU Mark test, where it scores a 583. We can see that in this test the CPU is clocked down to 3.5 GHz. This again leads us to believe that the XFR is enabled with this chip.


Finally we have Cinebench R15, which is more or less the standard for single-threaded and multi-threaded testing. The chip here again is running at 3.5 GHz. In Cinebench the multi-threaded score is 1537 and the single-threaded score is 154. This is incredible performance! To give you an idea here are Cinebench R15 scores from Anandtech:

cine1 cine2

Looking at these scores the R7 1700X is pretty much on par with Intel’s i7-6900K, while it looses slightly on the multi-threaded test. And again the slight differences in test setup could account for this. One thing that is very apparent is that at 95W the the 1700X is performing on par with the 140W i7-6900K! Now let’s go back and look at Cinebench scores for AMD’s Bulldozer CPUs.

bulldozer1 bulldozer2

If we look at the scores here we can see that the 95W R7 1700X scores are 40% better in the single-threaded test compared to the FX 9590 running at 5 GHz and at 220W TDP! In multi-threaded test with SMT (16 logical cores) the R7 1700X scores 110% better compared to the FX 9590!

From the looks of the results (if they are real) show us that AMD has gone above and beyond to not only improve IPC and efficiency, but to actually become competitive in the CPU market!

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