AMD Steamroller APU Engineering Sample Found In Bionic Research Database

If you go to the Bionic Research Database, you shall find an AMD Steamroller based APU. The chip listed is basically an engineering sample and we can say that it might be a part of AMD’s soon-to-come Kaveri or Berlin server APU line-up.


Dresdenboy even brings to our notice in his blog that the engineering sample is a Kaveri APU which is still in manufacturing phase. If we draw our attention to ES code (2M186092H4467_23/18/12/05_1304), it shows us that there is quite some interesting information hidden. For example we see that the Steamroller APU comes with a turbo clock set at 2.3GHz and a base clock at 1.8GHz and moreover the Northbridge clocks at 1.2GHz. Not only this, you also get to see the clock frequency of the integrated graphics unit which is 500MHz and lastly there is the number “1304”, which explains, that there is a KV SPECTRE MOBILE 35W (1304) GPU.

What is even more interesting is the fact that the steamroller architecture will also be used in mobile APUs which includes a TDP of 35 watt. Up till now it is only recognized that there will be the Desktop Kaveri APU with Steamroller architecture, GCN modules and 65 watt to 100 watt dispersing power.

AMD’s Steamroller APU which will comprise of Kaveri and Berlin would feature improved IPC performance and GCN graphic modules that would drive integrated GPU performance to the next level. Both shall bring forward around 512-768 Stream processors which would ditch their performance to that of current entry level discrete GPUs.

Launch of AMD’s Kaveri APU is expected by the end of 2013 and Berlin APU for servers in first quarter of 2014.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive