AMD Takes Shots At NVIDIA For GeForce Experience Driver Delivery Requirement

This past week it was revealed that in order to receive the latest graphics drivers from NVIDIA you will need to use the GeForce Experience software. Eventually this software will require an e-mail address and NVIDIA account in order to receive the most up to date game ready drivers.


In what seems like a direct response AMD posted the following on their Twitter account.


Now was AMD taking shots at NVIDIA? Was it a friendly jab? Does it make AMD look dumb?

To me this looks quite bad on AMD’s part. For one they are really struggling in the discrete graphics market. On the subject of drivers they also do not release official drivers that often, there was a period where they did not release a WHQL-signed driver in 212 days! All of this on top of the bad PR they’ve got over hand-picking review sites, long-time employees leaving the company, and their financials it is just not a good time to take a jab at a company that is clearly not doing as bad as you.

I think AMD really needs to focus on releasing products that can actually compete with NVIDIA alternatives. What do you guys think?

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