AMD Teases DX12 VR Ready PCs

AMD is teasing a new Radeon powered DirectX 12 VR-ready PC that is about the size of a console. This PC is said to be 8 times more powerful that an Xbox One and PS4! These systems, which are appropriately finished in red were posted on Twitter by Roy Taylor, one of the biggest VR advocates inside of AMD.


Very few details are known about these PCs, Roy’s tweet said the following:

“Developers, we have something coming for you…:) @AMDDevCentral @FalconNW @AMDRadeon #VR #DX12”

We later found out that these systems are “Tiki” models from Falcon Northwest. We have actually seen these systems before at Roy Taylor’s keynote at VRLA not that long ago. This is what he had to say about the system during the event:

“Last time I was here I also promised you that we would make the world’s most powerful small computer for developers. We promised you we would take two of our highest end GPUs and put it inside that tiny box and if you go downstairs we actually have a demonstration of a dual GPU, 12 TeraFlops, fastest GPU solution in the world, inside of Tiki. It’s a feat of engineering we are delighted with.”

While we do not know full specifications for the system just yet we do know that it packs a dual Fiji graphics card with 12 TeraFlops compute, which is roughly 9 times that of the Xbox One and 7 times that of the PlayStation 4.

It will be interesting to see what these development units turn out to be and what all is inside. And what it will cost to get your hands on a Tiki unit with a dual Fiji card inside!

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