AMD Teases The R9 Fury X2 Again

AMD has been teasing what they call ‘the world’s best VR solution’ over the past few weeks. This time they are at it again partnering with the Associated Press, sending them a bunch of dual-GPU powered VR gaming machines. Remember it was only a couple of days AMD teased the Falcon Northwest Tiki Gaming PC, which is also said to have the R9 Fury X2 inside.

AMD Fury X2 Machines

AMD’s Roy Taylor took to his personal Facebook and Twitter accounts saying, “hanks Wallace Santos for his partnership in shipping the world’s best #VR solution to the #AssociatedPress”. Now we are not sure what is inside, but we can assume its AMD’s dual-GPU graphics card, based on the Fiji architecture which we know as the Radeon R9 Fury X2.

All of these teases seem to be leading up to something at the Game Developers Conference, which will take place on March 14th.

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