AMD To Cut R9 280X and 280 Prices for Tonga Launch

We have been hearing a lot about AMD’s Tonga GPU lately. Well it seems that this new chip from AMD could force prices down of already existing Tahiti-based graphics cards.

AMD R9 280X

AMD’s R9 280X currently sits at around $300 and the R9 280 at $250. With the launch of Tonga we could see these prices drop for the R9 280X and 280 to $270 and $230 respectively. Then Tonga would sit above these with a price of around $300-330, depending on its performance. These price drops could better help the 280X and 280 better compete with NVIDIA cards.

Tonga is said to have 32 Compute Units, which means 2048 stream cores. The Tonga will feature 2 GB of GDDR5 memory and a 256-bit interface.

Source: Sweclockers | News Archive

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