AMD to Detail Vega, Navi, Zen+ on May 16th

The latest reports around the web point to a pretty big AMD meeting coming up on May 16th. This meeting will include many of AMD’s higher-ups including CEO Lisa Su, head of Radeon Technologies Group Raja Koduri, and AMD’s CTO Mark Papermaster. The purpose of said meeting will be to discuss AMD’s inflexion point as well as to lay out a vision for the company’s future. Products discussed will be the long-awaited Vega, its successor Navi, and the next generation of Zen processors, which we know as Zen+.

amd roadmap

Hopefully this meeting will give us more details on the specific time AMD plans to launch Vega, most people are expecting Computex. We could also get details on when, or at least a general idea of when AMD plans to refresh Zen. I don’t expect to get any real information on Navi, maybe an outline of the architecture and how it works. Possibly some information on Global Foundries 7nm processor, which it is expected to be built on.

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