AMD to Launch 64-core Threadripper 3990X in 2020

It has been confirmed that AMD will deliver a 64-core part in their Threadripper 3000 series. It will be in the form of the Threadripper 3990X which will feature 64-cores, 128-threads, 288 MB of total cache (L2+L3), and a TDP of 280W. AMD will be launching the 3990X in 2020 and will be marketing it quite heavily as the “World’s 1st 64-core HEDT Processor”.

AMD Ryzen Threadipper 3990X

The slide you see above has no mention of clock speeds, release date, or price. AMD is launching the 24-core 3960X at $1399 and 32-core 3970X at $1999 today, so we can expect the 3990X to be priced quite high for a chip this is going to offer twice the core count. AMD was originally supposed to launch the 3990X in January, we will see if we can spot one at CES 2020 in January.

Via VideoCardz

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