AMD To Launch 7nm “Grey Hawk” Quad-Core APUs in 2019

Since GlobalFoundries forecast of production-grade 7nm silicon fabrication node by 2019, AMD will be preparing a new APU silicon which is codenamed “Grey Hawk”. AMD is hoping for TDPs of 10W for these chips. This low TDP could make these chips perfect for super-slim notebooks and other handhelds, besides being used for compact desktops and all-in-ones.


The “Grey Hawk” APUs could feature quad-core, eight-thread parts based on the CPU architecture that would succeed “Zen”. This architecture could have great IPC gains over the incoming “Zen” architecture. For those wondering the first “Zen” APU will be “Raven Ridge”, which is slated for a 2017 release. It will be a quad-core, eight-thread CPU with a graphics core based on the “Vega” GPU architecture.

Since “Grey Hawk” is two years away from “Raven Ridge” it could feature the “Navi” graphics core.

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